Fashion X Dallas Recap Video Shows the Excitement of Three Days of Fashion at Fashion Industry Gallery

This stunning video from Boxless Entertainment captures the excitement of Fashion X Dallas - a three day event held at Fashion Industry Gallery in November. Dallas Light and Sound provided the exterior branding and red carpet walk up experience seen in the first few moments of the video - we also designed and provided lighting for all three days of the fashion show and for the VIP lounge.

A custom gobo installation from Dallas Light and Sound
greeted Fashion X Dallas patrons as they arrived
at the Fashion Industry Gallery.
Fashion X produces high end live fashion events that showcase emerging fashion designers alongside national brands and sponsors. Designers at the inaugural Fashion X Dallas included several project runway alums, local designers, and emerging and established designers from around the world - 26 in total.

Designers showcased at the inaugural event included...  League of Rebels, Laura Kathleen, Mychael Knight, Melissa Fleis, Korto Momolu, Ross Bennett, Michelle Lesniak Franklin - Project Runway Season 11, La Miniatura, Romás by Linda Rowe Thomas, Edo Popken of Switzerland, Rare Trends and many more.

Fashion Blogger Cynthia Smooth with
Project Runway Alums
Michelle Lesniak and Daniel Esquivel
For additional information about the 2014 event, and to check in for details about preparations for the 2015 edition, visit the Fashion X website at http://fashionxdallas.com/ and visit their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FashionXDallas.

To view videos from each designer that showed at Fashion X Dallas, visit the Fashion X YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJr1_a-2Evb4ezu38-UX1hQ