Haunted Mansion Halloween in a Crystal Tent for Jim Lee Events

Jim Lee Events, one of the leading event production companies and caterers in Dallas, delivered the premiere Halloween party in Lakewood, and Dallas Light and Sound provided the lighting, audio and decor to make the night special. Inspired by a vision from Jim Lee, DLS event designer Neale Jones and our team turned a beautiful home and back yard into a "Haunted Louisiana Mansion". The Dallas Light and Sound design crew, in collaboration with Jim Lee and his staff, transformed the front of the house, the bottom floor, back porch and a crystal tent pitched in the back yard into a Halloween wonderland.

From a truly spooky front entry with sinister blue lighting and lots of foggy haze, to a DJ Altar in the tent, guests were left gasping as they went from room to room. The transformation became complete as the sun set and guests arrived....with lighting effects and moody music welcoming revelers.

The evening turned up the volume as the lights came down and Dallas Light and Sound activated a special color changing lighting effect on a chandelier that DLS hung in the tent (as seen in this video.)

High end LED candles played a major role in creating the overall look, with dozens deployed to help create the overall ambiance for the party. The photos below show the difference that great special event lighting can make for the overall look of the party. The first picture shows what guests saw as they entered the crystal tent. The second was taken in broad daylight.

Jim Lee dressed his service staff in period costumes, brought in a medium for a seance, and a sketch artist to capture memories of the night. Serving a combination of Cajun and Asian themed food, the Jim Lee menu remained true to the  time period with Crayfish empanads accompanied by a very modern and delish sushi bar.

In addition to providing and installing decor, pipe and drape, staging and lighting in the tent, DLS created a beautifully lit transition space between the house and the tent. Notice the blue cobwebs shinging through the window from the inside of the house.

Coming soon to  Dallas Light and Sound on Facebook - a photo gallery from the event including more before and after pictures. http://www.facebook.com/dallaslightandsound

For additional information on Jim Lee Events, visit...  http://jimleeevents.com/ .