Emmy Winner Leslie Jordan - One Man Show in Dallas

It was a pleasure providing audio, lighting, stage design and event production services for a private event featuring Emmy Award winner Leslie Jordan.   Both gracious and hilarious, Leslie Jordan flew into Dallas on Saturday, October 15th fresh from filming an episode on the set of Desperate Housewives, and presented his raucous one man show to an appreciative audience.   Following his performance, Jordan conducted a book and dvd signing behind red velvet ropes and visited one on one with his fans at length. 

Jordan spoke about his life for nearly an hour, a whirlwind and veritable tour de force on the stage as he regaled the audience with funny, and often touching stories. His no holds barred style of comedy resonates with audiences who know the truth when they hear it, and who aren't afraid to laugh at themselves.

Whether recounting his exploits on the set of Will and Grace as Beverly Leslie, or telling family stories involving his twin sisters, the audience thoroughly enjoyed the evening. As the evening grew later, Jordan recounted some never before told stories that were not for the faint of heart.

If your organization is bringing star power to North Texas, consider calling Dallas Light & Sound at 214-943-4238 for event production services for your next public or private event. Our talented team of event professionals are adept at working with talent, including fetching iced tea when the star of the show insists he might "perish from thirst without a drink of cold iced tea." Leslie Jordan you make us laugh in the best way. Welcome back to Dallas!