North Texas Women's Brunch Addresses School Bullying - State Senator Wendy Davis Speaks

North Texas Women's Brunch Co-Chairs and Organizers
at the front door of the Mascolo Mansion
On June 17, 2011, Texas Governor Perry signed into law House Bill 1942 relating to bullying in public schools.

The passage of this anti-bullying bill was led by women in the Texas House and Senate and was driven in part by the testimony of and lobbying by the mothers of children who committed suicide due to persistent bullying.

Equality Texas helped guide the legislation through the Texas House and Senate as part of their overall mission to promote civil rights for all residents of Texas. To celebrate this victory and to raise awareness of continuing issues surrounding bullying, Equality Texas held a fundraising brunch on October 30th at the M Mansion in Dallas. In an especially touching gesture of appreciation, and to raise awareness of the issue, the mothers of Jon Carmichael and Montana Lance attended. Lance was 9 years old when he hung himself in the restroom at his school in The Colony earlier this year after persistent bullying. Carmichael was 13 years old when he took his life in 2010 after years of bullying related to his height. Carmichael lived in Joshua, Texas.
Dallas Light and Sound was proud to provide decor and audio services for the North Texas Women's Brunch at the M Mansion, sponsored by Equality Texas. State Senator Wendy Davis served as keynote speaker for the event, which focused on accomplishments made in the fight against bullying in schools. The event featured brunch, music, casual modeling and an informative presentation on the work that re.mains to be done to fight bullying.

This pictures above and below show "Soooo Red" linens on highboys with tasteful florals in a view from poolside at The M Mansion. A dozen of these tables dotted the mansion grounds and are shown here leading up to the rear of the beautiful estate. The tables and florals were part of a decor package designed and supplied by Dallas Light and Sound.
Senator Wendy Davis and several other speakers addressed a crowd of more than 100 from the back portico of the M Mansion. Dallas Light and Sound's audio installation allowed the presentation and background music to spill out over the entire grounds, without using speakers mounted on poles which would have distracted from the magnificent view of the mansion. Background music programming for the function was also supplied by Dallas Light and Sound, with an all-woman song selection of vocals and jazz to compliment the extraordinary setting.
Barefoot Wines marketer extraordinaire Eric Dorton and State Senator Wendy Davis.
Barefoot underwrote the wine and champagne for this event.
Equality Texas Executive Director Dennis Coleman
welcomes attendees to the North Texas Women's Brunch.
Celebrity Chefs prepare delicious bites on site for the Brunch.
Nothing tastes quite so delicious on a brisk autumn day as a cupcake,
shown here on "Soooo Red" linens supplied by Dallas Light and Sound.

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For additional information about the civil rights work that is the mission of Equality Texas, visit their website at http://www.equalitytexas.org/

For information about The M Mansion, visit them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-M-Mansion/216934588327150?ref=ts

State Senator Wendy Davis can be reached at http://www.davis.senate.state.tx.us/

Photos with this article are courtesy of Peter Wynne - http://peterwynne.info/studio/index.html.