Outdoor Weddings are a Staple of Summer - Book Your Date Now

An outdoor ceremony at Winfrey Point at
White Rock Lake. The bride and groom are the focal point
in this perfectly placed outdoor tableau.
Outdoor wedding season is here, and Dallas Light and Sound is accepting bookings through the fall for outdoor ceremonies. Having produced numerous outdoor ceremonies and receptions, the team at Dallas Light and Sound know which questions to ask and which pitfalls to avoid in assuring the our clients have a memorable and beautiful outdoor experience.

The Filter Building at White Rock Lake was the
site for this simple and beautiful ceremony.
See any speakers on poles?
NEVER from Dallas Light and Sound.
Producing a wedding or reception outside poses some interesting challenges. Power is always a concern. Professional power generators are often brought in to address a deficiency of power. Knowing the power sources available and how many circuits comprise those circuits is key to delivering a worry free outdoor experience. If power must be brought on site, we know the people to call and receive preferred pricing because of our professional relationships.

A bridal white platform from Dallas Light and Sound
elevates the bride, groom and
officiant while protecting the bride's gown.
Bringing adequate audio to the outdoor space requires certain expertise. Concealing that audio so that it does not intrude on site lines and appear in photographs is paramount to our temporary outdoor audio installations. Dallas Light and Sound will NEVER place speakers on poles, nor will we flank the ceremony space with speakers. At DLS we believe that the bride and groom should be the focus, not the audio equipment.

DLS Chargers and a
signature centerpiece.
Standing in the grass can be uncomfortable, particularly for brides who wear high heels. Dallas Light and Sound has bridal white platforms in our inventory to elevate the bride, groom and officiant - even th eentire wedding party. Standing on these stage sections also protects the bride's gown from potential soilage from standing for long periods of time or kneeling in the grass.
Dallas Light and Sound signature decor elements also contribute to the evening, bringing sophistication and elegance to any outdoor setting.

After the ceremony, the reception begins usually as the sun goes down. If held outside, lighting become very important, otherwise guests are left standing in the dark.
Midway lighting by Dallas Light and Sound
Over a Backyard Patio
Midway lighting is a traditional yet elegant option. Uplighting along a fence can also bring the bride's colors into the reception. Dining or dancing outdoors under midway lights is a memorable outdoor experience at any wedding reception. Backyard receptions are perfect for the bride and groom that want a casual feeling evening following the formality of a ceremony at a church. The picture in this article was taken on a summer's eve, with Midway lighting covering a back patio that doubled as a dancefloor. Cake and food service also occurred on the back patio at this wedding, with the kitchen and catering staff only steps away from the food. Lighting the front of the house is also an important element if a bride and groom are planning to celebrate in a back yard. A well lit house lets guests know that they have arrived, and with the correct application of lighting gels can reflect the bride's colors.
Summer colors of pink and mango
provide great walk up appeal.

Uplighting and trunk wraping of trees can provide a magical element for an outdoor reception or wedding. DLS uses both incandescent and led lights to achieve unique looks in tree lighting. For additional information about planning a wedding, reception, or event in the great outdoors call Dallas Light and Sound at 214-943-4238 to request an appointment with one of our designers. Additional images of wedding and events, we have produced both inside and outside can be found in the photo gallery section of facebook at www.facebook.com/dallaslightandsound.
Tree uplighting by Dallas Light and Sound provides
a magical backdrop
for any wedding reception or ceremony.
For additional information about planning a wedding, reception, or event in the great outdoors call Dallas Light and Sound at 214-943-4238 to request an appointment with one of our designers. Hundreds of images of weddings and events we have produced, both inside and outside, can be found in the photo gallery section of facebook at www.faceboom.com/dallaslightandsound. Prefer to send an email, Dallas Light and Sound can be reached at dallight@sbcglobal.net.


Before and After - AIN Bloomin Ball at the Hilton Anatole Grand Ballroom

The Grand Ballroom at the Hilton Anatole prior to
set up for the AIN Bloomin Ball 2012.
Event production is about more than just delivering and setting up equipment... it involves working closely with the client to develop a floorplan, create a design, and execute a vision for the event.

Setup is underway, with staging conforming to the floorplan,
and lighting and audio installations underway for
the 2012 AIN Bloomin Ball at the Hilton Anatole Grand Ballroom.
The 2012 "Bloomin Ball - Sowing the Seeds of Hope" marks the fourth year that Dallas Light and Sound has provided production services for this seated dinner gala for 500. Now in its second year at the Hilton Anatole Grand Ballroom, it was important this year to leverage prior experience of producing the event in the Grand Ballroom, while striving to provide a fresh visual experience for patrons. Everyone involved in the event worked diligently to elevate the experience for 2012, which included an interpretative dance performance for the first time.

The Performance Stage is ready to welcome the band and
eight vocalists to perform at Bloomin Ball 2012
at the Hilton Anatole Grand Ballroom.
Pulling the event's signature colors into the room served as a foundation for the event design. DLS was tasked with designing and delivering the key aspects of production  - stage design, lighting, audio, and video projection.

A dual-stage approach and two video screens provided the foundation of "the look" of the event with vocal performances occurring on one stage and speeches and the Crystal Hope awards delivered from an adjacent stage. The performance stage and presenter stage were lit both with lekos and a pair of spotlights in an intelligent lighting design controlled from the technical deck. These elements meant the audience always knew where to focus their attention and kept the event from becoming visually stagnant.
The spotlights are on Honorary Event Co-Chair Andy Smith
as he addresses the crowd from amongst an
elaborate floral installation at Bloomin Ball 2012 at the Hilton Anatole Grand Ballroom.
The event chairs relied upon Dallas Light and Sound to provide a simple stage backdrop design in order to showcase a first-ever fresh florals stage set. The Chairs and event underwriter C's Florist worked for nearly two days to create a "floral experience" on the presenting stage. Once installed, Dallas Light and Sound lighting designer Craig Canant created a lighting design that added depth and texture to the floral elements on the stage.

Eight local vocalists under the direction of
Ray Norris delivered powerful performances at
AIN Bloomin Ball - Sowing the Seeds of Hope..

The AIDS Interfaith Network is the beneficiary of Bloomin Ball. AIN is a multicultural, faith-based, nonprofit HIV/AIDS service organization that provides direct care services to meet practical, emotional, and spiritual needs of persons with HIV/AIDS and prevention programs for individuals, groups, and communities.

AIN has been providing a combination of prevention and care programs for 25 years. Currently they serve 2,000 individual men, women, children and youth who have HIV/AIDS, and make over 20,000 contacts with other at-risk individuals in targeted communities. The Core Values of AIN are Service, Respect, Inclusion, Collaboration, and Compassion. Our Vision is to offer HOPE and ultimately to HELP create a world without HIV/AIDS.

For additional information about AIN visit www.aidsinterfaithnetwork.com .