Congratulations to April and Best - Newlyweds!

Congratulations to April and Best, our December 6th Bride and Groom who were married in a beautiful ceremony at Texas Discovery Gardens, followed by a stunning reception in the TDG Grand Hall.

The layout for the reception was based on a floorplan designed by Dallas Light and Sound in cooperation with Sugar City Sweets and Celebrations. This intimate reception saw the Grand Hall divided into three separate sections. Utilizing 12 foot tall white pipe and drape from Dallas Light and Sound aligned with columns that are already present in the building, the Grand Hall was transformed for their reception.

The first section comprised approximately 25% of the total space, situated adjacent to the Butterfly House entry door from the gardens, and hosted cocktails following the reception. The central section, comprising 50% of the Grand Hall, was utilized for dinner seating and dancing. A second line of pipe and white drape created the “third” Grand Hall section most close to the kitchen. This third part of the Grand Hall was kept closed until later in the evening when service staff executed a grand reveal for buffet and food station service.

A custom Lounge Furniture installation in the cocktail lounge portion of the Grand Hall provided a welcome place for guests to rest and converse as they sipped their beverages following the ceremony which took place on the Discovery Gardens Circular Lawn. The arrangement of the furniture pieces benefitted from the designer touch of Neale Jones, who oversaw the event for Dallas Light and Sound. All of the furnishings utilized in the design come from our inventory of event furnishings. Guests were treated to a gorgeous view of the bride and groom cakes in this space, with cake lighting from Dallas Light and Sound. The lounge furniture installation looked great both during the daytime, and took on a new level of appeal as the sun fell and up lighting began to wash over the space.

The central dining section featured a bride and groom initial projection and uplighting that changed to a darker and more vivid color as the evening progressed. Texture washes on the proscenium arch spanning the main stage provided a perfect complement to a traditional long head table, which was situated on the stage.

Dancefloor lighting brought the evening to life with both romantic and energetic lighting programmed for the evening by Dallas Light and Sound. The up lighting and texture wash for the evening from Dallas Light and Sound served as a great companion to a visually impressive linens and floral package from Sugar City. Chiavari chairs completed the look.

Separating the room into three sections made the space very intimate and very “special”. We count this TDG wedding among our clear favorites for 2014. April and Best’s vision for their reception represent a compelling designer finish out for the Grand Hall. We recommend considering this approach if less than 125 are seated for dinner.
To find out more about selecting some or all of these features for your reception or party at this beautiful facility, give us a call. Dallas Light and Sound is a preferred vendor at Texas Discovery Gardens.