Touching Moments Shared at Attitudes and Attire Luncheon

Providing audio, video and lighting for Fashion Shows is a major part of our business.....  However sometimes "The Show" isn't the most memorable part of the overall experience.

The photos at left were taken at the Attitudes and Attire 15th Annual Fashion Show and Luncheon held at the Dallas Market Center and show one of the clients of the agency recounting her personal triumphs after availing herself of the amazing services offered by this Dallas based charity. Crystal clear audio from Dallas Light and Sound delivered memorable and touching moments as clients of the agency recounted how the programs and resources at Attitudes and Attire had propelled them to secure meaningful jobs and thus be able to leave lives of drug abuse and prostitution and poverty behind. Three clients spoke powerfully of how this organization has changed their lives forever. Some clients of Attitudes and Attire have troubled pasts involving use of drugs and alcohol, some are victims of domestic violence, and some just victims of the economy. Each story was different and powerful, and each with a happy ending. The tools Attitudes and Attire provides for their clients result in life changing opportunities.

Attitudes and Attire’s multi-tiered programs instill in women the resources necessary for gaining confidence and self-worth—enabling them to get back into the workplace. Attitudes and Attire workshops focus on self-esteem, communication skills, interview preparation and work ethic.

And then there was the show....... Elements, a Dallas clothing boutique located at 4400 Lovers Lane, provided stunning fashions which were modeled by professional models and local celebrities and style trendsetters. Amy Vanderoef from Good Morning Texas, actress and model LeeAnne Locken, the ever-stylish Allison Volk with Plan B PR, and many more philanthropic women were spotted on the catwalk.
With tens of thousands of dollars raised and an enjoyable and memorable experience delivered for the crowd, Attitudes and Attire 15th Annual Fashion Show and Luncheon was a tremendous success!

For more information about Attitudes and Attire visit www.attitudesandattire.org.