Flat Screens Available Now for Your Next Event, Party, Marketing Effort

With addition of new, hi-definition flatscreen monitors to the Dallas Light and Sound inventory, the services we can provide to our clients have just expanded exponentially! Live twitter feeds, sponsor reels, a memory collage, videos and other programming - the possibilities are endless. Already an in-demand item, these 46" monitors are perfect for smaller venues where large format video projection isn't practical. They can be used for focused branding messages next to bars, provide details at check-in or other information stations, and are a great way to display live twitter feeds without overwhelming the other visual elements of an event. Accepting PC, broadcast, DVD and cable input, their versatility is boundless. Call 214-943-4238 to discuss booking this technology for your next event.

One of the new Dallas Light and Sound flatscreen monitors used to display images representing our work at the Grand Reopening and Open House at the Grand Hall at Texas Discovery Gardens.