Dior Beauty in Highland Park Village Celebrates First Anniversary with Red Carpet Reception

The Dior Beauty Highland Park team on
the red carpet at their first anniversary event.
Friday, December 9th saw Dior Beauty at Highland Park Village celebrate their first anniversary... and Dallas Light and Sound was there to assist with the festivities.  As the sun set on a crisp December evening, we rolled out the red carpet for patrons who entered to find champagne and other beverages including hot cocoa, all served from behind one of our lighted bars. Spandex covered highboys from DLS topped with mirrors helped showcase signature florals and Christian Dior branding icons that were strategically placed throughout the event.

A Dallas Light and Sound black and white tent sheltered guests from the chill while they enjoyed custom Dior cookies and other nibbles. The tent coupled with heavyweight velour pipe and drape from DLS created a couryard in front of the store for a guest DJ who spun contemporary dance music all night to an appreciative crowd. Stylish outdoor heaters in the courtyard warmed party goers who posed on the red carpet and in front of a Christian Dior step and repeat.
Dior Beauty celebrates their first anniversary with
Flastcreens from DLS and a Lighted Bar serving
champagne and hot cocoa.

It's a red carpet welcome at
Dior Beauty in Highland Park
from Dallas Light and Sound.
This jewelbox destination for the Dior cosmetics brand is smaller than some master closets in Highland Park ... yet provides a sumptuous shopping experience for perfumes, cosmetics, skin creams and more. To reinforce in-store branding, Dallas Light and Sound installed three flatscreens elevated to above eye level with spandex covered trussing. Flatscreens placed at the DLS red carpet entrance, under the tent and in the courtyard played gorgeous Dior promotional videos continuously throughout the event.

A special thank you to D'Onna Winn and to Christian Iles who chose Dallas Light and Sound to provide production resources for this Christian Dior luxury experience.
Dior Beauty in Highland Park Village celebrates their first anniversary.
Flatscreens from Dallas Light ad Sound deliver Dior messaging to party guests. 

Dior Beauty in Highland Park Village celebrates their first anniversary.

Christian Dior branding elements and signature florals look beautiful
on mirror topped highboys from Dallas Light and Sound
at the Dior Beauty first anniversary celebration.
Am album of images from the event is available for viewing on the Dallas Light and Sound Facebook page at...